Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mom And 13 Year-Old Daughter Talk About Sex

Trinity 13    
I’m a virgin with thoughts of staying a virgin until I’m married. Part of me waiting is because of my parents. Another reason is that I’m very conservative of my body and I don’t want just anyone seeing it. I have had a conversation with a friend who has had sex and even has a child. She is the same age as me. When she described to me how things felt, it instantly turned me off. I thought it sounded disgusting. She also said that she wouldn’t have sex with just anyone. She told me that they had sex because they cared about each other. Her boyfriend is still with her and helps take care of their baby boy.
TV series, movies and even books in my library exaggerate how great sex is supposed to be. Personally, I think they should emphasize having fun and hanging with friends. Most of my friendships don’t go well when the girls are boy crazy. It’s kind of hard to joke around and be silly when all they want to talk about is boys and serious things. Many people do have their own perspectives and I do respect them. I still keep true to my own thoughts though.  

Suraya - Mom

Virginity and sex. Hmmm, what can I say? People place so much emphasis on sex; parents tell us not to have it, friends say it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and the media tells us how deplorable it can make a person.

Looking back on my life I wish I had waited because it is the one thing you give to another person that you can never get back. And while people may say it is great and exciting and feels good, it actually sucks until you have been with someone who can actually please you. I used to read so many romance novels as a child and I always envisioned this bombs bursting in air climatic moment during sex, yet what they failed to mention is that none of that would happen.

I thought I was the only one who did not enjoy sex the first time until I read The Virgin Diaries by Kimberley Johnson and Ann Werner. In it were stories of others whose first time didn’t quite go as they planned; just like mine.

Virginity is something that is precious. Something I believe young boys and girls should hold onto for as long as they can because sex can change everything in your world. There are diseases and unplanned pregnancies, not to mention the stigmata of being “loose”. While I know that many young people will have sex when they choose to, it would be nice to see young adults go against the popular belief that having sex is what one should do because the populace says so. Be your own person and make your own choices and most certainly BE SAFE!