Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kreag - 15 Year-Old Male On Sex In American Culture

 Kreag's review of The Virgin Diaries on his blog I Devour Books

In this day and age, sex is everywhere.  In our music, in our books, in our T.V. shows; we see sex everywhere.  It is thrown in our faces from every angle; it is something that you can’t go a day without hearing about.  And it is not just in places where mature teenagers or adults will see it; it is in places where even children will see it.  I remember being a child, and there was not nearly as much sexual influence out there as far as I can remember.  But even now, putting on a channel like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, there are sexual references that honestly do not belong anywhere on a children’s network.

A perfect quote I think for this situation would be from the song “Sex Yeah” by Marina and the Diamonds.  The song as a whole is about how everything in our society has become sexually influenced.  “Nothing is provocative anymore, not even for kids.  No room for imagining, ‘cause everyone’s seen everything.”  And it is so true!  Half the shows you see on T.V. have scenes that are just too much,  and I think overall it just conveys a bad message.  Yes, I am fine with a fade to black scene every now and then, but when two characters are writhing all over the bed at least once per episode, I think it’s a bit excessive. 

I think sex should be something special.  A lot of the stories in The Virgin Diaries were from people who told how they wished they had waited for the right person, or waited to make it special.  That is also my view on sex, but sadly the view on sex of our society has seemed to have changed just because everything people see on T.V. and hear on the radio.  People act is if having sex will raise their social standing, and at some points, it almost becomes a double standard.  If you haven’t had sex, you aren’t cool, but if you have had sex, you are “just a slut” or as something equally as mean.  We see it in our television shows, we hear it in our music, and we see it when interacting with other people.

I know the situation probably won’t change any time soon, but there is always hope.  I think the sex just needs to be toned down.  There is so much good music out there that ISN’T about sex, but it really doesn’t get as much attention as the more sexual music.  Not every T.V. show needs a sex scene to make it entertaining.  If the people that made music, television shows, and even writers of novels on some occasions realized this, I think the view on sex as a whole would be a lot more conservative and maybe people wouldn’t have such a carefree attitude towards it.

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